1. What natural ingredients are used in the manufacturing of cosmetic products from Hans Herbal Overseas?  

At Hans Herbal Overseas, we use the power of nature to prepare our products. All our products are created using plant oils, as well as extracts from flowers, herbs, and fruits. The natural oils and extracts are processed into formulae that help to enhance their natural properties, and infuse their goodness into our skin care products.

  1. Why should I prefer Hans Herbal Overseasover other popular skin care & hair care brands available in the market?

At Hans Herbal Overseas, we strive to maximize the use of natural ingredients in our products. Many popular cosmetic brands that are available in the market use nature-derived chemicals in their products and label them “100% natural.” We always remain transparent in our approach and openly say that our products are a blend of pure, natural ingredients and safe synthetic stuff.  However, our products are totally safe and do not contain toxins like parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, etc. Above all, our products are made out of love and utmost care that we have towards our customers. Use Hans Herbal Overseas products once, and we promise you will never look back!

  1. What are parabens? How do they affect our skin?

Parabens are photochemical preservatives that are artificially produced through industrial processes. Many cosmetic companies use them in their products; however, they have potential health risk. Parabens can result into skin allergies – this is the reason, they are strictly not used in Hans Herbal Overseas products.

  1. Are there preservatives in Hans Herbal Overseas products?

Yes. Since, most of our products are flower-based or fruit-based; we use safe preservatives to ensure that the products don’t get contaminated or breed harmful bacteria and microorganisms. We use preservatives to make our products truly safe to be used in the long run.

  1. Has Hans Herbal Overseas tested its products on animals?

No. All our products are cruelty-free. While our products have been clinically tested on humans to ensure that they cause no side-effects, not any kind of product testing is done on animals.

  1. I have dry-skin due to Eczema. Can I use Hans Herbal Overseas products?

Given the fact that all our products contain natural ingredients and do not have harmful chemicals or toxins, they wok quite well even on sensitive skin. However, if you have eczema, consult a dermatologist before including any of our products into your skin care regimen.

  1. Does Hans Herbal Overseas ship outside India?

No. As of now, we are not located outside of India. However, Hans Herbal Overseas operates its delivery services at PAN India level.

  1. If I don’t like the product, can I return it?

Yes. Hans Herbal Overseas offers easy return policy to its customers for all products.  Go through our “Shipping and Return” policies to get an insight into the terms and conditions under which you can return the product.

  1. Hans Herbal Overseas products are meant for men or not?

Yes. Our skin care products work on everyone. They are unisex, working safe and well for both men and women.

  1. Is the effectiveness of Hans Herbal Overseas products proven?

We have carried out scientific studies of all our products. The effectiveness of each product from our skin care range has been proven in those studies. Also, we have dermatologically tested our products to confirm they are skin-friendly and harmless in every manner.